Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sequential First

Recently I discovered that Aesop's Fables can be absolutely hilarious. So of course I must illustrate a few of them.
This is the first one that I have finished, as far as art goes. Printing and packaging is my next step! It's called "Bathing Boy", and the one I'm roughing out now is "The King's Son and the Painted Lion", which, of course, has pretty much nothing to do with a painted lion. I managed to convince myself not to illustrate "The Lion, The Cock and the Ass" because beyond a title I found hilariously dated, the story was nowhere near as entertaining.
Here's a preview!

They will be printed, possible bound, and packaged in (slightly larger than usual) custom match boxes. I will be selling them at some point in the near future! I plan on hitting a few cons and bazaars within the next year!

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