Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mario Tattoos!

So today a friend messaged me through facebook and said: Hey Sonia! I will have bare arms for my Mario halloween costume! Will you design me some tattoos?
And off I went.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Vote vote!

Also, if any of you awesome folks feel like voting for some cool tshirt designs created by me, please feel free to click the links below to help me towards getting my work printed!
Whorl Wide Panic
Neapolitan Metropolitan


Did a major overhaul on my website.
Hopefully no more kinks! Chrissy Powell was completely awesome and found them all for me and gave me some pointers. I think it's a good bit more streamlined right now.
Oh, and random monster doodles seem to be popping up on my deviantART page, if you care to check them out.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Concept art!

My two main characters (if you can consider Prince Charming as such. He seems to not show up a whole lot in general, compared to the sisters...) and environment for LobsterElla.
The reason for different things on the character sheets are thanks to us having to approach designing these guys two different ways. One through action poses to define personality and go from there, the second was done by way of variation on a base model.
Surprisingly, I think I had more fun with the second!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Really liking this character design thing

Here is the process for my pompous ass Ring Leader.
He does not fall in love with the beautiful Ectrodactyly girl, much to her disappointment. This is a Cinderella story (with Lobster Syndrome) that does not end well.

Lobster Claw Syndrome / Ectrodactyly is one of the many physical deformities that I find fascinating. If one is interested I would recommend checking out Patt Kelley's Cabinet Card collection, though if you have a problem with weird body things I would steer clear.

Sequential First

Recently I discovered that Aesop's Fables can be absolutely hilarious. So of course I must illustrate a few of them.
This is the first one that I have finished, as far as art goes. Printing and packaging is my next step! It's called "Bathing Boy", and the one I'm roughing out now is "The King's Son and the Painted Lion", which, of course, has pretty much nothing to do with a painted lion. I managed to convince myself not to illustrate "The Lion, The Cock and the Ass" because beyond a title I found hilariously dated, the story was nowhere near as entertaining.
Here's a preview!

They will be printed, possible bound, and packaged in (slightly larger than usual) custom match boxes. I will be selling them at some point in the near future! I plan on hitting a few cons and bazaars within the next year!

A new obsession

would be a combination of myself, a pen, and a list of weird things I am to draw given to me by the friend with me at any given point in time.
Some weird things have spawned from this.
Here are two.

My roommate has named this guy the Fu** Sh** Da** Monster, as his horns remind her of comic swear words (i.e. #$@!?%). She is a classy lady indeed.